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I really liked the vocals done by Lauv and I wanted to take those vocals and kinda make it my own song. I wanted to keep it in the same key so I don't mess with the feel of the song. I also wanted to make the song a little more emotional as where the original, I felt, was more chill. I also wanted to make it more energetic to get peoples heart pumping faster. I wanted to add hints of house, trap, pop, tropical, and blend it all together in the right spots. I hope you enjoy and please like and comment what you think about the track and what you think I could have done better :)

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Lauv


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Fellix 2 years ago

Hey, I have listened your remix. I think it is great. I wish you best. You can check my remix and let me know what you think ;) https://skiomusic.com/fellix/lauv-i-like-me-better-fellix-remix

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Marcos Tamu 2 years ago


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