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Lyrically © 2016 | Matthew Hickman
Composer AND/OR source: Mantra
Studio: The Zoo Recordings
Recording Engineer: Carl Harris
Recording Artist: Matthew Hickman
Backing Vocals: Matthew Hickman
BPM: 125
Key: Dm
Genre: Modern Pop

The song is about today's society and how it impacts others around the world with Wars, Violence, Depressing and any other unknown origin which effects people. Seeing we (the general public) have hardly no say in stopping the bad, it will just keep carrying on even though the authority are on the case, so all we can do it just watch until something is finally done about it. Since I have the melody in a track already, it might be easier for me to feel the flow of the lyrics as this isn't your everyday composition.

Get the lyrics here: http://www.songwriterforum.co.uk/lyric-reviews/hold-on-(original-lyrics)/

Posted 4 years ago
Owned by Matthew Hickman



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