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Marty Zylstra

Vancouver, Canada


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Marty Zylstra has a unique Canadian perspective. Growing up as a preacher’s son across rural Canada from northern British Columbia to the prairies and Northern Ontario and back set a scene for a future music path that is as wide and all-encompassing as this country is vast. Marty learned to sing from old time gospel hymns and with influences strongly entrenched in early 60’s Beatles and the myth and legend of John Lennon to 1970’s Tom Petty and David Bowie to modern Canadian heroes Sam Roberts and Sloan to the pop rock British invasion of the 90’s and back again. After grinding it out regionally in local Vancouver power pop band “Sweetheart” for the last number of years, Marty decided that it was time to stretch his legs and create something that spoke more directly to his youth and heart. A monumental and life altering short vacation to Memphis in 2012 on Elvis Presley’s birthday baptized Marty’s soul in rock and roll in the way only the birthplace of rock and roll could. Rejuvenated and invigorated upon his return to Vancouver, he started work on the seeds of new songs and ideas that have now come to fruition in this new recording. Carl Davis (the Left, the Pompadoors) produced this new three song EP in an old school and almost Nashville style studio session where the songs were finished on the studio floor with only the best Vancouver based studio musicians. 

Mixed by Mr. Davis and mastered by Sean McGee (the Beatles, John Lennon) at Abbey Road
Studios this initial offering shows three sides of Marty’s personality which includes an affinity for British culture, lyrical themes of a vision of past life lessons and future domestic bliss, and a sheer twisted humour. 

Local and regional shows will follow in 2015 and hinging on a loose plan to grow a grassroots
following by starting small but thinking big, will likely continue to write new material and record with as many of his friends as possible over the next year and release numerous eclectic recordings.

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