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There is a tragic kinda fun story behind this project. I made an instrumental melodic rock stuff for a song deal on songtradr. Due to my rotten luck my account witnessed a tecnical difficulty resulting in fail of submission. I lost a 6000$ deal. Today I was scrolling through net and I saw this contest;Match with the key of my instrumental. I immidiately bunked my lecture and worked in canteen for about 6 hours and get this. I know its not as cool as other entries but m happy I made it.May be My winning chances are less then 5% but not participating will make it 0..... So do listen and enjoy. Best of luck to all participating fellas.

Posted 3 years ago
Owned by Borgeous


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Eternal Zoom 3 years ago

This is a good remix, oooo a more natural mixture well done :) check out mine, if you want you can like & comment, also any thing I need to improve.

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John Covit 3 years ago

Cool remix man! Can you check out mine and leave a like & a comment?

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Marshall 3 years ago

Thnks John; I would love to do that.

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