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Steevee Nyx

Billings, United States


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Aspiring EDM Producer who's dream is to headline big shows like EDC and TomorrowLand

My real name is Marcus Anthony Herzog. I was born in Washington right outside of Seattle. When I was quite young I moved to Livingston, Montana. A couple years later I moved to Laurel, Montana which is just a few hours away. I have spent most of my memorable life here in little old Laurel. Growing up, I developed a strong enjoyment of EDM music which was started by my mother Shawna. It grew and grew and now is my life. I have always been judged for my love of this music considering this is montana. 
When I was in 7th grade, I joined band. I grew and grew and ended up being one of the top musicians in the division my school was in. I spent a lot of time doing extra curricular band and choir groups as well as take both as electives my junior and senior year in high school. 
With all of these things combined, I can say music is my life. My passions all revolve around growing a fanbase and building a career out of my music. I want to be able to travel the world and produce with people and perform as a Dj in festivals like EDC and Tomorrowland. Mainly, I want to share my passion for music with the world.

Showcase tracks

This is my most recent track. The one succesful remix I have done cant be put on soundcloud because I dont have a license for it yet. But you can check that out on my reverbnation account