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My name is Mamdouh mohamed , a producer from egypt & the creator of sinai nation , i started producing music since 2015 but i started uploading my tracks officially in 2018 , Sinai is the name of the whole region that i live in, and iam actually the only producer in this region..
So i created Sinai nation hoping to teach anyone in my region music production , then we will be able as a crew to produce and release our own music under the name of Sinai nation , but .. Here iam just in the beginning of the trip :)


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here's my first progressive house remix to the egyptian artist amr diab of his song with marshmello bayen habeit .. had to create some good vibes with the american producer Ryan kelley " Juice! the dj " so hope ya'll enjoy listenning to our new remix :)

My first Ukrainian remix ❄

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