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There is quite a story behind “My Endless Vacation”. Initially I composed an instrumental called „Symphony Of Mind“
which was an uplifting energetic progressive house track! The track was included on my first studio album and back than I went to my recording studio to record vocals for another track and they recommended me to get in touch with the talented vocalist Elaysa. Soon after we’ve started writing lyrics together and Elaysa came up with the insanely catchy hookline of the song. But at this point it was still a progressive house track and we had something else in mind so I’ve reworked the track to make it more commercial and to give it the summer feel good sound. A few weeks later I met the Italian musician Edoardo aka. E.One on a birthday party in London. We’ve started talking about music and suddenly he started to do a sick freestyle rap. We immediately knew we had to work on a project together. So Edo wrote and recorded the rap parts of the song and the whole track came together. The whole writing, production and recording process took over one year, but we are very proud of the result!

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Malexes


Stems (3)

Both Vox_Dry performed by Elaysa & E.One on Vocals
Female Vox_Dry performed by Elaysa on Vocals
Rap Vox_Dry performed by E.One on Vocals


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