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Hey so this is actually not the right cover or song name but its OK. Its all made by me and I thought the song I submitted had not that much effort put into it. This I've worked my but off to put together the last couple days because I knew I could do it. Anyway, this is my song Behind, by me of course, using vocals from Cynamatics new euphoria pack so that is fun.

Also I don't want to risk not being able to post a different song when I delete this one so that is why I am doing this lol. So please do not disqualify me because technically I am just changing the song.

Also not 100% sure if the key is F# Minor, just made a good guess

Posted 8 months ago
Owned by magmacake


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Max Madd 7 months ago

Hey Magmacake, I just liked your entry ! Make sure to follow my Soundcloud 📡 and Instagram 📲 : @maxmaddmusic Good luck in the contest and reach the stars ! 📀

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magmacake 7 months ago

thanks dude! Sure will check out your stuff!

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