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Gotta love Chali 2na's baritone lyrics, couldn't say no to having a shot at making a dnb inspired version of this tune !

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Westwood Recordings

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OscarColt 2 years ago

cool mix, keep it up

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D3XTROID 2 years ago

Great remix , liked it . please check mine too ! https://skiomusic.com/shantanu-ghare/the-funk-hunters-chali-2na-word-to-spread-feat-tom-thum-shantanu-ghare-remix

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Noize Hazard 2 years ago

oh hell yah! love this one. the mix could be better tho imo. the vocals are sitting to far back / getting muddied up in the mix. try tightening this up and resubmitting?? overall killer remix tho, just tryna help give some constructive feedback because i think it could take this to the next level!

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M-zine & Scepticz 2 years ago

really appreciate the feedback, thanks, will try and work the vocals in better ;) you think they lack in volume, or is there some freq's that might be lacking ?

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