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Its has three time signatures, (5/4 , 3/4 , and 4/4). There are two parts in this piece, the first one (5/4) in E minor is the theme of the Bad guy "one man army" and the second part (3/4 , 4/4) in C minor tells the story of the struggles of the Good guys which eventually leads to their deaths.

BBC Instruments are Strings, Brass and some Percussion

Enjoy :)

Posted 2 months ago
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Fran Pitcher 2 months ago

The time signatures make me think back to my orchestral days love it

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P3RIDOTE 2 months ago

Love the drums mate! Definitely drives the song forward! Can see this in a Christopher Nolan chase scene

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M A R I U S 2 months ago

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback :) it means a lot 🙏

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