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Guadalajara, Mexico

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Damian Chalvignac Psychedelic Experimental and Alternative Beats Project

Damian Chalvignac (Ololiuhqui/Lysergic Tempo), is only a very young exponent of psychedelic electronic music, his brain has been influenced by the mysticism that modern frequencies act in the human mind, finally to experiment a new state of conciusness that significate more than only music and dance, significates a conection with the science and the incredible biological manipulation.

Damian Chalvignac (Ololiuhqui/Lysergic Tempo), es un muy joven exponente de la musica electronica psychedelica, su cerebro ha sido influenciado bajo la mistica que las frecuencias modernas repercuten en el pensamiento humano, para asi llegar a experientar un nuevo estado de conciencia que va mas alla de simplemente musica y danza, si no, una conexion con la ciencia y la increible manipulacion biologica.

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