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garner, United States


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Jovon Maddox, professionally known as LV-EA$Y BEATZ was born in Brooklyn, NY on October 18 of 1992. This 90's baby migrated to the south at the age of 9 with his mother and father to Raleigh, NC to escape the fast ways of the inner city living! While residing in North Carolina, LV-EA$Y BEATZ developed a passion for music from listening to the extensive CD collection his mom and father saved over the years... LV-EA$Y BEATZ became an avid lover of hip hop music like most young people, and at the age of 13 developed a passion for wanting to create his own. After moving to Garner, NC at the age of 14, LV-EA$Y BEATZ became acquainted with another producer in his neighborhood by the name of Jay Hines (aka JAG Jay) who gave LV-EA$Y BEATZ his first copy of recording software, FL studio 5(demo version). "Everyday after school after completing his homework, Jovon would be in his room making music until he fell asleep", explained Jovon's dad in a recent interview. After mastering FL studios and becoming fluent in Pro tools recordings, LV-EA$Y BEATZ was well on his way to becoming a prominent producer/Artist in the Hip Hop community.

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