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Edmonton, Canada

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I am a producer interested in learning, discovering and improving my sound.

For the past nine years I have been experimenting on and off with sound, mainly focusing on digital sound production created using various virtual Instruments/Generators/effects/DAWS/Audio formatting tools.

When I began to delve into music production I found myself glued to the screen, racking all the information I could as I was eagerly desperate to share something I myself feel proud of and took most my time to create. I had finally found something that generated some passion in my life , along with a never-boring experience, time never wasted, constant freedom of creation and expression. This ability even may prove to be a skill useful to me in the future .

My time during the early learning process was naturally unhealthy and detrimental as it at times became all my time, consuming each day, and upon entering high school my school work suffered as a result. I graduated with my diploma one year later, which to me is no failure but an example of my belief in faith and blessings given to me with capabilities I never knew I had. There was a few times the world flipped upside down,. By truth I walked through lies and fear became that weightless and unburdening. By love I am where I am today.
continuing education where i left off was thankfully possible , I've been so grateful for the support I received and spoke the return by blessing generosity to the original sender 10x fold. By the hand of my own and by circumstances unknown. - Surprised and blessed I became a college student and will hopefully soon graduate from Digital Media and IT at NAIT.

My desire and passion to create good music has improved substantially allowing me to pursue learning more and educating myself more on new or alternate methods for getting the sound suiting me and will over time create . Dreams of producing professionally were always 'just' dreams to me as society depending on you're environment determines what is most important and that needs to come first.
Instead of dismissing these as 'just' dreams or fairy dust, I've decided on believing on the knowledge and time i spent learning , can open potential doors for me in the future allowing me to manifest this 'dream' into my reality.

As for my experience using software and hardware, I'd say its very diverse. Currently I run my preferred DAW and load then run all instruments/generators/effects as plugins within the DAW. Currently I have no midi controllers or anything that enables sound input into the DAW.
There has been a several digital audio workstations I've worked with and educated myself on using although only one has ever been overall my most suited preference of them all. The learning process for me and how I developed a better understanding of the processes potentially involved for developing projects was the ability to study a peers project, Allowing me a visual representation of all processes and why objects are placed where for functionality .. etc.. basically it lays out how the whole project allowing you to troubleshoot each piece of the puzzle on how and what works. This provided a better understanding for me and a more interactive and enjoyable approach to learning. When you understand how extensive your projects really can become , your eyes will open as everything becomes more possible then your previous scope limited you to. This to me makes my creativity really shine through as to me ,My imagination free from restriction , allows a form of truth, unfiltered your representation of sound based upon emotion. This is pure art and originality that all depends on your decisions.

I rarely use others samples and if I do they are strictly percussion only.
Currently I am undecided as to the genre of my music as I'm unsure of where I wish to focus. My music could solely be placed in the trance/house/electro categories but I intend to broaden that spectrum.
Thanks for any and all support,
all love.


Composing, Mastering, Mixing, Producing, Remixing

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Back to remixing . My take on the song. No vocal slicing just straight acapella and Vst instruments mixed with drum machine. If you would like to see project msg me, its FLP. Instrumental Bpm 101 Copyright 2016 by Taylor Gerard. All rights reserved.

ully mastered. Figured out some new tricks, in-sync. some automation. no samples , all vst .