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Thoughts about the remix:

I started downloading all the stems, but ended up using the lead vocal only. All the music has been made from scratch. I have chosen to keep the tempo because it makes everything a little more groovy at 92 bpm.

I tried to focus on what electronic music is being played around the world right now. The track then fits the modern electronic genre of music.

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Posted 8 months ago
Owned by Lukas Graham


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gnus 7 months ago

Cooool! just liked it! keep the good work, check mine if you want, I would appreciate your feedback or like if you do like it :), Good luck!!! https://skiomusic.com/r/gnN

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Anon 7 months ago

Hi ! please leave feedback on our Brazilian bass remix. Thanks a lot. https://skiomusic.com/anon420/lukas-graham-lie-anon-remix


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