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Released by: Warner Records on 27 September 2019.

℗ 2019 Warner Records Inc.

© 2019 2019 Warner Records Inc. for the world excluding Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and France.

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Lukas Graham


Stems (45)

Lie_InProg6_808TomLoop_01 on Drums
Lie_InProg6_Adlibs_01 performed by Lukas Graham on Background Vocals
Lie_InProg6_Arp1,2_01 on Strings
Lie_InProg6_Bass_01 on Bass
Lie_InProg6_BridgePluck_01 on Strings
Lie_InProg6_ChopIntro_01 on Vocal Chops
Lie_InProg6_ClapsSnaps_01 on Percussion
Lie_InProg6_ClapVerb_01 on Percussion
Lie_InProg6_Crash_01 on Percussion
Lie_InProg6_Doubles_01 performed by Lukas Graham on Background Vocals
Lie_InProg6_Falsies_01 performed by Lukas Graham on Background Vocals
Lie_InProg6_FX_01 on FX
Lie_InProg6_FX2_01 on FX
Lie_InProg6_GTRS_01 on Guitar
Lie_InProg6_Harms_01 performed by Lukas Graham on Background Vocals
Lie_InProg6_Hats_01 on Drums
Lie_InProg6_HighOctEFX_01 on Background Vocals
Lie_InProg6_Hit_01 on Pads
Lie_InProg6_Hit2_01 on Drums
Lie_InProg6_HookLowOct_03 performed by Lukas Graham on Background Vocals
Lie_InProg6_Impact_01 on Drums
Lie_InProg6_Kick_02 on Drums
Lie_InProg6_LeadVox_76 performed by Lukas Graham on Lead Vocals
Lie_InProg6_Loop_01 on Piano
Lie_InProg6_PadTalU_56 on Pads
Lie_InProg6_Perc_01 on Percussion
Lie_InProg6_Piano Hit_01 on Piano
Lie_InProg6_Pianos_01 on Piano
Lie_InProg6_REV2_01 on FX
Lie_InProg6_REV3_01 on FX
Lie_InProg6_REV4_01 on FX
Lie_InProg6_REV5_01 on FX
Lie_InProg6_ReversePiano_01 on FX
Lie_InProg6_Rhodes_01 on Keyboard
Lie_InProg6_Shaker_01 on Percussion
Lie_InProg6_Snaps_01 on Percussion
Lie_InProg6_Snares_01 on Drums
Lie_InProg6_Strings_01 on Strings
Lie_InProg6_SynthNpad_01 on Pads
Lie_InProg6_Tambo_01 on Percussion
Lie_InProg6_Toms_01 on Drums
Lie_InProg6_Toms Fills_01 on Drums
Lie_InProg6_Toms Hit_01 on Drums
Lie_InProg6_VoxDelayIntro_01 on Background Vocals
Lie_InProg6_VoxSample on FX

Feedback (13)

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Fabricio Fujimoto 1 year ago

is not possible to download stems after the contest?

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Big Spliff 1 year ago


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Aled Dak 1 year ago

im too late ....

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Vocal Sky 1 year ago

I decided not to remix it because it sounded far to close to We Are Young by Fun. It is even in the same key. Line this song up with the youtube link and see the close similarities. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv6dMFF_yts

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Radio Illuminati 1 year ago

Nice song, but when I noticed, it has to be taken off social media, it feels like waste of time.

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Four Chords 1 year ago

Bro is it just me or is the bpm some strange number

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undrwatertape 1 year ago

its really 92.5 bpm, i dont understand why they wrote 92

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NøA 1 year ago

i used 92.5 bpm too.

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Stuart McAulay 1 year ago

I've gone with 92.5 bpm and the stems are lining up pretty much bang on. I used the snaps and toms to get the desired bpm. Hope that's helpful!

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DA 1 year ago

This is such a beautiful song i dont want to remix it ,lol is that strange?


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