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ontario, Canada


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Edit DJ & Producer, EDM , Electronic , my Dream is I want get discover & be successful & go worldwide Visit my On YouTube : souncloud : Instagram : Tumbler : Website :

DJ & Producer, EDM , electronic ,with big dreams & be successful & go worldwild I'm 20 years from Syria living in Canada my ultimate goal is i want go to tomorrowland as dj, I stated making music when I was 15 year old - no one help me back in my country cause people don't listen to edm music I couldn't find anyone to help me even with just the basics but I start using virtual dj in the beginning my dream was that I want be a dj but after a while I became more creative and my passion to music is growing inside me like something want just blow my feeling took a big part of the music that I make back when I was 16 someone handed me a classic guitar at that time I didn't have any idea about playing guitar or reading music or anything but I started just playing after couple of months I stated making my own sounds than I thought okay now let's go farther I discovered FL Stdio when I was watching some YouTube video about dj's and tomorrowland I was like wow look at the world now I can really make my own sounds my own music that's perfect I spend hours and hours just try to get the basics done it was hard but in the same time I was spending 6 to 7 hours every day in front of my old desktop I stopped for a month or tow because of my situation back in lebanon than I got my own Asus laptop and I started over again with the software's and all the equipment a friend of mine who really believe in me handed me pioneer headphones and other gave me some old equipment after that I really needed to play in public and see how people will react with me and the kind of music that I play so I was searching and finally I find the one guy who own a wedding company with dj's services I talked to him the other day and told him about myself and my story he really believe that I'm gonna be successful dj one day I played my first party at wedding the experience is different cause after tow week's he ask me to play full day festival of Antilles in lebanon I accept the offer and the amount of happiness that I get when I play for people made me cry this How strong music can effect me when the festival was done people didn't want me to stop playing he came to me and give me money saying you're a great dj people love you, you've done a great job but you have to find your own way cause I know wedding doesn't have the frequency that you want go and find your dream, I was really happy and sad in the same time so I started looking for night club, bar, Fastvile's, small private party's, etc I started playing in many different places every place I go the more I love music I came to Canada December 7 and now I have my small studio in st.cathrines I'm making music every single day I got my YouTube channel my Soundcloud, Facebook, instagram, tumbler, my own website under the name of


Acoustic Guitar, Composing, DJing, Editing, Mastering, Mixing, Piano, Producing, Recording, Remixing, Songwriting

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DON'T LET ME DOWN - DANGEROUS VISUAL --LOW DESTYO physically i made this track cause i was thinking about quitting music but when you have people believe in you and support you that's everything you want ( follow me for more please ) visit my social media YouTube : .... FACEBOOK : .... Tumbler : ... Instagram : ... ... Website :