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Louisville, United States


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I am a unsigned artist from Louisville,Ky trying to get paid shows. who can help me with that

I started rapping when I was 16. I use to fuck wit dis niggas name yung bezzy stop fuckin wit him he was on sum snake shit I start grinding n got my own studio shit. I was doing 5 songs a day trying get it in after like 2 years I start fuckin wit my Cuz n my niggas from high school we got together came up wit a group name. We go by Lou-gang shit when we got together we was n da studio everyday fa like 3 months straight. We start shooting are videos off of a phone app called fx video maker after a few months I met dis niggas from out DA way he stat shooting are videos fo us every two weeks we putting out videos n shit den we start selling are mixtape. We sold like 300 n a month after DAT we got a studio downtown where we from started doing songs down there den had to move from at spot Cuz sum fuck shit was goin on. Now we work in on getting a cam n shooting n shit. On sum real shit I'm doing es shit fa my family n kids.

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