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This is the instrumental track.
Or at least I hope so, I wish this track had vocals over it, so share it so I can find that voice I was lookin' for the past weeks!
And you can still share it, rip the play button and whisper this melody so I could give you THAT song you've been waiting for!

Instrumental :
Sample : Most are coming from GarageBand... BUT
Music : Strings/Kick/Snare/Riser : Lou'H ;)

Most elements are picked on Pixabay.com, rightsfree (Thanks to every users that helped me to make this artwork!)
Design : Lou'H

My girlfriend, the one who taught me most of the easyliest thing I should have known about Photoshxp! :)

Please Share this track and push the Like button so I wish I would give you more and more tracks you'd like!!!

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Lou'H



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