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Nairobi, Kenya

Bass, Chillwave, Drum & Bass, Electronic, Electronica, Hip Hop

Producer, DJ

My name is Vincent Omondi. A DJ/ Music producer living in Nairobi/ Kenya. I make and play music as LOSTC_ITIES. I grew up loving music and I remember participating in and winning a dancing competition at the tender age of 5 at a friend's birthday party! Before then, I'd watch Lingala and Soukouss (music genres originating from the DRC Congo) with my dad and try dancing like the dancers in the videos whenever and wherever! I was always dancing! I loved it! As I grew older, I kept at it! Dancing and getting excited from listening to music! In my teen years, I started to wonder, “How is music made?”. I came to learn that there existed software that one could use to make music. It wasn’t until I turned 21 that I met this lady - Dorcey! I was shy, but I managed to borrow her hard disk to try to copy movies or comic books or whatever she had in there! Among the contents, was a demo copy of FL studio! I installed it! I came to find out I could make sounds come out of it - sounds I often found myself swaying to and staying up late to make/ learn to make. Since then, I have been making and learning to make music wherever and whenever. My creations span over a wide variety of music genres. My discography is very much like my taste in music - eclectic. My aim with my music is to make the listener as happy as music I listened and danced to growing up made me feel. That, and to inspire people to make their own music or do that one thing they’ve been putting off. I have found myself yearning for more in life especially at the lowest points of my life through listening to music. So I keep making music in the hopes that my music can be that for someone/ people So I hope to look out for people (through my music) in the same way music I listened to looked out for me. It comes from a place of love, and always will!

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