Born in METZ on December 09, 1976, Jean-Charles GEORGES grew up in NOVEANT-SUR-MOSELLE, he will be during his childhood "Le fou du village".

At the end of the 80s he became passionate about House, New-Beat, Megamix and Platinism (Djing).

In the early 90's, a radio overturns the FM band for a short time alas.

It is during this decade that he will make his weapons alongside several confreres in the region and particularly in the Disco-Mobile in which he finds a lack, the technical mix (that of clubbing).

Clubbing, he saw clubbing in a facility in his area that also upsets the local clubbing with his taste for the avant-garde and the underground.

Numerous known DJ's succeed to the side of his resident who is himself an emblematic figure of the clubbing scene of GRAND EST.


At the dawn of the year 2000, Jean-Charles becomes "DJ CHARLY" at the helm of an animation company in which he evolves for five years before offering his services to the highest bidder.


At the end of the 2000s he turned to the Clubbing scene, which then experienced a loss of indentity (the programming became the same everywhere, that of the FM band), he became "CHARLY G" for his first compositions and then " CHARLY GEORGES ", then finally" £ 0rd Charles ".


He embarks on the Internet radio that offers him to stand out from the FM Band and becomes a resident of a Libertin Club that offers him to stand out from Clubbing "Lambda".

He now composes under the name "Austrazia" (in tro with DJ Doumé & DJ Mazeltof)


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