Loocties - In my house

Performed by Loocties

C maj
128 bpm
C maj
128 bpm

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About this Song

Melodic EDM with great (I mean it) female vocal and lyrics about love (of course!) and lovers coming back together after some time. Sounds of 90's house, Detroit techno, and trance, all wrapped together in an emotional tune.

Posted 10 months ago
Owned by Rogone

53 Stems

InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 11 808on Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 12 Reverse cymon Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 13 Volca Drumson Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 14 Vlc Dr Claveson Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 15 Volca Clapon Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 16 Volca hihaton Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 17 Volca hih2on Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 18 Bass Guitaron Bass
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 19 Bass Guit 1on Bass
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 20 Bass Guit Comp 1on Bass
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 21 Bass Guit2on Bass
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 22 Electro Ceramic Basson Bass
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 23-Electro Ceramic Basson Brass
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 24-Electro Ceramic Basson Bass
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 25 Pumped Electro Ceramic Basson Bass
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 26 Rebirth (TB-303)on Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 27 Rebirthon Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 28 Rebirth 2on Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 29 Volca Basson Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 2 Drumson Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 30 Volca Audon Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 31 Volca Aud 2on Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 32 FrBrd Damaskuson Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 32 FrBrd Damaskus-1on Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 32-Hand Slap Pipe Elbows 4on Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 33-Hand Slap Pipe Elbows 4on Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 34 Lithic Piano (Reaktor 6)on Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 34 Pterosaur 15on Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 35-Seashore Padon Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 38-Glas Filtered Verb Noiseon Synth
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 3 Kit-Minimum Kickon Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 40 Pianoon Piano
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 41-Grand Piano Equal Bright Soloon Piano
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 42-Grand Piano Equal Bright Soloon Piano
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 43-Audioon Piano
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 44 Vox Cuts Bridgeon Vocals
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 45 Live Guitar Studioon Guitar
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 46 Live Guitar Solo 1on Guitar
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 47 Live Guitar Solo 2on Guitar
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 48 Live Guitar Solo 3on Guitar
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 49 Live Guitar Funkon Guitar
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 4 Mini Stickon Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 50 Live Guitaron Guitar
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 52 Vox Gosiaon Vocals
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 53 Vox Pingon Vocals
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 54 Vox Francon Vocals
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 55 Vocal Cutson Vocals
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 5 Chroma Kickon Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 8 Chroma Snareon Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu 9 Chroma Snareon Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu Chroma Clapon Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu Chroma Clap-1on Drums
InMyHouse-4.7-do_mixu Chroma Hatson Drums


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