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My name is Miguel Dembora and I enjoy Mixing and Mastering songs.

¨Is better to sound new than to sound good, lots of mixing engineers try to develop their own sound and that´s cool

but I prefer to try to understand the artist´s idea and bring it to reality with a clean warm velvety sound always acting

like a chamaleon and surfing around music styles with taste and respect¨

Miguel Retro

Born in Spain, moved to London in 2008, Miguel has being nominated for few music awards including being selected

by the MTV Brand New Artists 2012 UK with one of his own productions. After more than 12 years working in the music industry with artists from all over the world and labels such as Sony, Warner, Blanco y Negro, Tallhouse Digital,

Clipper´s, among others, Miguel has decided to focus his career as online mixing and mastering engineer, providing clean mixes and punchy masters for artists and producers in all genres who are looking for a fresh well trained pair of ears to help them realize their vision.

Miguel started his career as session musician playing in big bands at age 19 and was then when he walk into a recording studio for the first time and instantly discover his deep passion for audio, mixing and mastering.

Afters so many years recording bands, making music for tv, indie films, documentaries, etc... he started to work on his solo projects, a blend of electronic music with funky, world and soul vibes, collaborating with singers and rappers from the UK, US, Australia, Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany, making remixes, mastering some other producers tracks and mixing songs for lots of artists, more than 200 songs a year average since 2014!

Right now mixing and mastering became his full time job and he is happy helping upcoming artists finish their songs with the best sound possible at affordable rates and reasonable turn around.


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