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Abbotsford, Canada


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A 17 year old aspiring artist hoping to share her stories through music!

Lindi, born Lindiwe Senzeni Sibongo, is of Zambian descent and was born in London, England. She currently resides in Abbotsford, a small town in BC, Canada, where she is active in a K-Pop dance group. Lindi's love for performing came at an age so young that she cannot remember, but she knows that the stage has always been the place that she is most comfortable. While pursuing her three favorite fine arts forms, singing, acting, and dance, she realized that she could not give up either for another. Although she actively dances and acts, she had been unsure about how to pursue her singing and songwriting dreams outside of her school choir. She has decided to start making song covers, and song re-covers (original lyrics on pre-made instrumentals) to continue on her path as a vocalist. Her musical inspirations range from Janelle Monae, IU, Nell, Tink, Crush, Gorillaz, La Roux, and many more, so she is very willing to experiment with different music styles. She hopes to grow in her journey as a performer and continue with all three of her art forms, as long as she can still stand on stage and do what she loves.

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