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Elevators Lyrics

*Instrumental playing ..


Uh. Yeah,

Am still divine talking bout inheritance

Dominion that's why ah really grab-on
Some people out there fraustrate us
And some fuc**s out to debate us

Elevators oh yeah I elevate
Tryna put that magerine on a butter stage
Steady open doors and some big gates
We ready, tremendous with riches
Vernacular-pidgin we talking fly boys

O God we love yes we love you

I coulda demonstrated my heart into better
I coulda told you how I love it but I date her

The highest , no one above you
Elevators oh yeah I elevate
So silent
Safe landing
Oh I think it's Kanye did this one ,

My heart is still beating this one
Man I wasn't shut outta day
My office outside on street mehn
And I can't decide how it is

My love life, is still resounding
And my JESUS , that's where lo' am standing
Oh my God am too demonstrated
Oh my Jesus am so elevated


Elevated el elevated am elevated
Am standing on top all'othese elevators
Elevated el elevated am elevated
Yeah am standing on top all'o these elevators
Elavated am elevated am elevated
How this rhythm came about nah I never thought it
Elevated -- I told you ni**as am elevated
Shoulda told you that am elevated

Verse 2

Oh my bros , AMA sing on my sunday
On my worse night put me on a run-way
I shoulda sped so fast 180 is somn
Or 240 that's when I crash back
When the storm is dark with'em police
That's why they think ni**as ain't holy?
Stop , we smoke n yea we..
We do that..

Thing is real meah..
Which is Life!..


Is it sticks?
He's a star (prrrrr)
Is it Bronx?
And is it law?


Ain even fighting for no kingdoms
Am jus here representing ma kingdom's
Am jus here representing my own rap
Am jus here representing my own song

Told you that it came some day
Send no one no no ever

Still lincsmane
What I stand for ..
Where I sell music
No competition

(Hook) and (Chorus)

You should ready know..

*Instrumental fades out..

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