Lumecx is an afropop x R'n'b pop x Trap artists.The group consist of three brothers aka Leonce Leonard(Leon Marume), Chris D (christopher Marume and Mambo (O'brian Zindoga. There are based in Zimbabwe and there are new artist.The group was formed Last year with only two members Chris D and Leonce leonard after they did a colaboration together and decided to form a group. The other member Mambo Joined the group late last year after colaborating with the group and decided to be part of the group.Lumecx has only recorded 7 tracks as dual group and 3 songs as three members.Before creating the group Leonce Leonard started his journey as a solo artist in 2004 writting his music. Leonce leonard recorded his first track in 2013 along side Organised, King cony and Nadnice.In 2015 Leonce Leonard recorded his self solo track Wandibaya.Leonce leonard has only recorded seven tracks as a solo artist and 10 with the group.


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