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Back in the 90's I was a voracious synth collector, all the Roland x0x stuff (excluding only the 707) plus SH09, Jupiter 6 and 8, Juno 60, various drum machines and more modern synths. All into a big Mackie 32 8 buss mixer with Yamaha Promix digital sub mixer - it was ace! Big fan of Kraftwerk and Orbital (I still want an MMT8 to sequence on!)

Like a lot of folk I started to sell stuff off in favour of all the new soft synths that were just coming out. Life then kind of got in the way but just recently I've been collecting old cheap gear and some of the new cheaper stuff, love the Volcas! Midi sequencing via an old version of Ableton on an old PC. Half an eye always open for a functional MMT8.....


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