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*Remix still is in early stage and I will update it with the final one once its done, but I wanted to share this with people already*

Really great remix that is inspired from MUZZ (previously as Muzzy) style.
From the very beginning when I started listening to original, I knew where to bring it. I immediately heard some MUZZ vibes in it. After some hard hours spent in the project file, I was finally able to bring the MUZZ style into the original and turn it into a really massive DnB track.

Posted 1 month ago
Owned by 2WEI


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LEFTBLU 9 days ago

Sorry guys who was waiting for the newer version. I was busy doing game scoring for clients and ran out of time. Will finish this one once Im free ;)

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Shry 1 month ago

Ayee sickk!

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LEFTBLU 1 month ago

Thanks man!

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