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LayedSoul a.k.a DeeperRoute a.k.a Ghetto Child Project
"The Fifth and Last Element"

LayedSoul founder of DeeperRoute Family (Music) has been in music since the age of 15 when he was introduced to music software thats when tha love for house was born.

I started producing in 2006 back then was still learning making simple music nothing fancy. In 2011 i had finally become good at the craft of music later on in the same year got discovered by DJ Stan-ley of Deep London Records (DLR). He got a chance to hear my music which was my first Demo E.P African Stories which he liked and I ended up being part of DLR.

LayedSoul basically focuses on the House genre but works on a few sub-genres within tha genre of House. DeeperRoute Family is my alternative name I use when i remix my own songs or other artists songs its kind of like an alter-ego nonsense stuff lol hopefully u get me. DeeperRoute Family's member which are not on the production side of things are Eye Cue, Shovedeep, NativeLen & Agent Mo these are are pretty much tha DJ's.

My sound is different thats how it will remain i dnt like soundin familiar (LayedSoul)


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