Lauv is an American musician is best known for his 2016 single, "The Other", which charted at #17 in Billboard's Spotify Velocity.

As the New York-based artist’s single “The Other” was picking up steam on the Hype Machine, it caught the attention of one high profile tastemaker. Actress Chloe Grace Moretz tweeted about “The Other” in March, asking, “Who is this guy #Lauv I’m obsessed w his sound” and effectively introducing her 1.85 million followers to the smooth, introspective electro tune.

But Chloe wasn’t the only star to rave about the now-viral track, which has reached over 1,190,000 listens on Spotify. One Direction‘s Liam Payne tweeted the track too, praising its “Super sick nighties RnB sound” and saying he “can’t wait to here more.”


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