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Hailing from the city of Zwolle in the Netherlands, young producer Lars Beerda, better known as Laurentius, started producing music in 2014. His vision remained the same until this day; "Providing the world with unique and uplifting music that will brighten your day".
His first international success came with his single 'Mountain Higher', a cover of Marvin Gaye's 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough', collaborating with British singer Kye Sones. Swiftly following up, he released his single 'Speak My Mind' together with the Dutch singer Hannah Young, which quickly became an international hit, skyrocketing in the global Deep House charts.
His latest song, You Got Me, with Mark Borino quickly became a huge hit, counting over 100'000 in 2 weeks, and also feauterd on radiostations worldwide, even helping Laurentius to an interview on NH Gooi Radio, in the Netherlands.

To this day, Laurentius continues to amaze his fans with fresh and unqiue sounds, combining all sorts of genre into dance hits! Being supported by the world's biggest names in the dance scene, there is yet a lot to expect from this 20 year old prodigy from the lowlands.

Support & good feedback by: Don Diablo, Nicolas Haelg, Kav Verhouzer, Thomas Hayden, MÖWE, Larrykoek, Mike Williams, Joe Stone, Vijay & Sofia .. and a butt load more

Posted 2 years ago
Owned by Owl City


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OPVEII 2 years ago

Wow, I like this remix! I liked yours can you like mine?

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LAURENTIUS 2 years ago

Enjoy guys! <3


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