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Lauren Day is a Sydney Based Singer/Songwriter. Her strong, compelling voice set the tone in a modern electronic sound for her latest releases 'Aiming at the sun',' Broken Queen' and 'Give Me one Reason'. Lauren has performed her EP as a feature artist at many events around Sydney and has drawn in crowds with her performances.

With the release of covers 'Give Me One Reason” (A childhood favourite of Lauren's) and 'Waiting for Tonight' along with original 'Broken Queen' all produced with Brandon Laze, the pair have another single to release later this year, 'Aiming at the Sun' along with another music video. Lauren has performed the new singles at some of Sydney's top events such as Pageant of the World and Higher receiving rave reviews. With plans to start working on a new EP in 2018 we have plenty to be excited about for the future!

Lauren is always looking for collaborations with other artists and producers! So get in touch!


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A remake of Jennifer Lopez's 'Waiting for tonight' and Music video. By Lauren Day and Brandon Laze

A remake of Tracy Chapmans 'Give me one reason' and Music video. By Lauren Day and Brandon Laze

Lauren Day's music video for Aiming at the sun.

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