Lauren Stone is a singer-songwriter, music producer, and web personality based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Ms. Stone records acapellas for producers and has worked in collaboration with many producers around the world, but her most passionate and exciting collaborations are those that allow her to express her love of words; her song writing.

She writes her lyrics in a pragmatic, honest,yet thought provoking and relatable way. The resonance of her words and melodies hang around you, either tugging at your heart strings or itching for second, or even third listen long after her melodic voice stops.

Her current music project is a both a solo and collaborative effort between several music producers aside from herself.

Lauren also hosts a sporadic and eclectic web show on VaughnLive.TV where she engages her viewers in topics such as quantum physics, music and music production, stinkbug genocide, boobs, and conspiracy theories.

Ms. Stone likes many kinds electronic music (especially dubstep), weird hippie music, 80s rock, cats, and explosions and has a penchant for spilling and dropping things, making strange noises. She enjoys arts and crafts.

Instagram/Twitter: @RealLaurenStone
Facebook: LaurenStoneOfficial


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