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Lars Knacken

L├╝denscheid, Germany

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I Smoke Ganja on Internet but thats not all. I produce the soundtrack of the legalisation. The Message of my sound: Cannabis is Medicine. 365 420

DJ Lars Knacken also known as The Dave, Brad pizza a gifted dancer before the Lord, Head shop owner and self-proclaimed cannabis activist. 23 years ago, in early childhood, DJ Lars Knacken began cracking with a first drum to make autodiaktische experiences. Lars had no friends and a music teacher was too expensive. But the little boy was eager not be dissuaded from his stony way. Wherever he wants, he does not know today. He has no more drums. But he brought from rap and above all Deutschrap from England to Germany and from there to the whole world. Evil tongues falsely claim that this, like united in the history process, Dan Juan de Marcos is due by CITC. This is a misinformation.

A funny thing yet in the end: DJ Lars Knacken means something like lets make sex, which sounds a bit like Get cracking. In the language of German natives both pairs of words has the same sound. The signification may vary. It says, for example, yields to get quickly a danceable sound of the DJ. Or good for quick sex. A small stick of the finest Weed and more, more, more ...
Lars Knacken

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