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‘Come Dance Tonight’ is the second single from the debut EP ‘Ladies First’ by Lady Silver, an alternative rock & roll band, that embraces disco and funky licks in their music.
Our musical vision lies in what we call - the golden line - the thread between the mainstream and the alternative - Sexy, sensitive, intelligent, but approachable for anyone. We don’t intend to change your life or start a revolution, but we want to show that rock & roll refuses to die, you can still dance to it, and with a bit of luck it evokes emotion and sparks some of the inspiration we all desperately need.

The band was established in the end of summer 2017, shortly after Max, the frontman, returned to Tel Aviv with an arsenal of songs after living in the UK for 5 years. In just over a year we’ve played venues across Israel, polished the existing material, wrote some more, and by autumn 2018 we chose 12 finalised songs, ready to record.
After a round of meetings with different musical producers we met the brilliant Nir Horovitz and from the first moment it was clear that ‘this is it’. In December we recorded the ‘Ladies First’ EP, and its 6 songs are essentially half an album - a foundation for our full debut album that will be recorded and released later in 2019.

We hope that ‘Come Dance Tonight’ will make your hips move in the evening, soften the loneliness of the night time, and help with Sunday morning’s hangover. Whatever it is, don’t take us too seriously and just enjoy the music.

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