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Kydo Chill

San Bernardino, United States

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About Kydo Chill

Kydo Chill is a upcoming independent recored producer, song writer & recording artist from San Bernardino, Ca. Active since 2007 to the present.

Bobby Lee Thompson III (born June 18, 1991), better known on the hip hop scene as Kydo Chill, is a thriving independent hip hop artist & producer from San Bernardino, California a large Inland city often referred as the I.E. While many various artists have emerged within the urban streets of San Bernardino, Kydo Chill has established a popular buzz within the IE around his presence as an independent artist. Kydo is known for his charismatic style of word play in which over his kool vibe production stands out to hip hop spectators from 2008 to the present. Its safe to say that the ‘King of the Dino’ is paving the way with his own sound thru out the inland empire area. In addition to his individual characteristics Kydo Chill is apart of a citywide movement known as the R$BBZ (Roc$tar Boardboyz). ‘Roc$tar Boardboyz’ is recognized for setting trends throughout the inland empire area since established in 2005, as their trendsetting sense of fashion and unique sound of San Bernardino. Kydo Chill has paved the way for their independent label, Boardboy Music as CEO along side Kri$Truth & Dot Everything, Kydo Chill is making headway through the rap game as he released Herringbonez And Diamondz the album accompanied by Dot Everything, Kri$Truth and Dante Na$h of ‘R$BBZ’ & Hippie Life Mike, produced and engineered by Kydo Chill. In addition to his individual characteristics Kydo Chill self released 5 Mix tapes under the alias KyD titled by the order of release, Herringbonez And Diamondz (The Mix-tape), Rocketz N My Boomboxx, A Nightmare On 3rd Street Takeover season Pt.1, Black Friday & Bobby’z World Takeover Season Pt. 2, a joint extended play “Koolin’ As I Should” with Kri$Truth and self relesed a 7 track ep "From S.B. with ♥" July 31st 2016.


Composing, Mixing, Producing, Recording, Songwriting

Showcase tracks

The Thrill is the first single from S.B. with ♥ released May 1st 2016 under BBM Worldwide (Boardboy Music) on itunes and other digital platforms.

New project by Kydo Chill of Roc$tar Boardboyz "From S.B. with ♥" holding 6 tracks produced by Kydo Chill himself and one bonus track, as he gears up to release his second album "A Nightmare On 3rd Street 2" this halloween on iTunes.