With only 16 years old he began his career as a traveling dj, very inspired by the new sounds of the late eighties, playing with his own equipment in private parties. At the beginning of the nineties, he started as an operator in fm radios, arriving to produce his own programs, at the same time he got the residency in one of the best-known records of his city and he also appeared in several albums in the province of Neuquén and around 2010. During all these years he has traveled most of the pop and electronic styles, which has caused an interesting evolution in his set, those that stand out for his strong load of techno and progressive melodies.
As of 2004, he began to venture into musical production using different software, with which he developed some songs in mash up. He began his career as a producer and from then until now, he has developed an electro style with techno bases and interesting melodies.


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