Mr.Deejayk is a multi-genre music producer from Toronto, Canada.
His creativity and passion for music is what allows him to maintain a fresh and original sound.

Since 2006 when Mr.Deejayk started producing he has been constantly focused on producing beats that have catchy melodies and rhythms .

Mr.Deejayk has a musical background in piano and vocal choir. Years ago he also ventured into playing the trombone in his high-school band, which he believes increased his drive to make music.

Mr.Deejayk is currently one of Toronto's most talented and creative music producers .
This is his dream, his passion and career. creating timeless music that will send great energy & emotions throughout the people who get a chance to listen to his music catalogue.

At only 22 years of age, Mr.Deejayk has the ability to construct a beat from any genre that comes to mind.
Most of his influences usually comes from positive life experiences (or fantasies) & publicized events that are witnessed throughout the world.

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