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With three young children two boys and a girl the oldest eight and the youngest four
You have to work hard for your money to keep the bailiff from your door
And life was not meant to be easy according to George Bernard Shaw
Those words don't apply to all people and for each there's a different law.

Just to make ends meet it's a struggle don't envy the working class man
He works hard to pay his bills and upkeep his family and he doesn't have a long term plan
For jobs every day disappearing and modern technology unemployment create
And if the company not making a big profit they lock the work place entrance gate.

You wake at half past five each week day morning you're not one of the privileged few
And life wasn't meant to be easy those words of Shaw apply to you, 
You earn a living in the hard way and you've never drawn easy pay
And you go home tired in the evening from working hard all through the day.

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