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#GameofTron Anthem by the Crypto Jackers

Being dedicated to the entire Tron community, this Anthem brings forward a well established project from the Crypto world that offers one of the largest block chain based operating systems. The Tron Foundation is redefining the terms of future content sharing and aims to facilitate the spread of limitless data with no restrictions.*

We knew you'd notice those familiar sounds that will take you down the memory lane to one of the most popular TV series ever made. We are really excited about the release of Game of Thrones - Final Season as well.

As you might have realized by now, the key elements in our tracks are hand picked from impactful content and combined with purpose to facilitate a smooth transition to the concept we're creating. Through this particular track, we'd also like to thank the producers and everyone that got involved in creating this great TV series that kept the fans on their toes for some good eight years now.

Let us all enjoy #GoT epic final of this fantastic work of art and start turning our attention to a story from our ages, the story this Anthem is striving to bring forward...

Posted 3 months ago
Owned by KRIS-TK



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