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Koel Wilder

Florence, Italy

Losin' Sleep Recordings - Loud dj's Records - WonderWorks Recordings - Beat Records - Orange Bridge Records (HBR Music)

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About Koel Wilder

Koel Wilder starts his musical career in 2004, as bass player, in the rock band Downkiss with which he publishes one official album and three EPs.
After 10 years he decides to begin his solo project as dj/producer with the sole purpose of producing house and electro music, and in August of 2015 he publishes his first  Ep called “Leave the City” for Loud Dj’s Records.
This will be followed by: 
“The Rain EP” (Losin’ Sleep Recordings) out Sept. 2015,
“Undertone EP” (WonderWorks Recordings) out Oct. 2015,
“Sauvage”, -single - (Loud Dj’s Records)out Nov. 2015,
“In the Wind”- feat. Marco Bianchi on trumpet – single – (Beat Records)
out Feb. 2016, 
“Whisky & Coke” ,“The Whisper” – singles (Loud Dj’s Records) out March 2016.
His latest song called "Tonight" is out from May the 4th for Orange Bridge Records.


Electric Bass, Mastering, Mixing

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This is my soundcloud page, where you can find all my releases! Enjoy