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KINGBLEU started teaching himself how to play the drums back in 2010. He purchased an AKAI MPD32 controller and began making beats on reason 5 that same year. After mastering the drumset, BLEU taught himself the piano and started rapping in 2013. BLEU graduated with his degree in Recording Arts in 2015. He has since released two self produced and mastered mixtapes called "Ambitionz.Az.A.King" & "No Gimmixxx".


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A track I recorded about keeping things simple. One of my basketball coaches came up with the acronym 'KISS' for "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID". He used to yell it to me all the time. since maturing in the real world and realizing nothing is worth complicating yet so many people complicate things just to make life harder than what it is, I made a song out of it.

Classic West Coast sounding instrumental I produced. I love that old bounce feel.

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