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Words :
It's no matter what I decided,
It's all the matter that for you.
Inside my hand, there's flame blazing like,
Outside my sight, where wind raving is.

Are you happier? No more tears?
We met no understand yet, but I hope this somehow.
Stand on your feet, what are you seeing now?
Now I see the Star-Ocean through the night sky above.

Posted 1 month ago
Owned by Kimura Kaname


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Liopli 1 month ago

i think that you definitely know how to do your drums as the rides and stuff sound really good. I think that maybe the FX in the second part could be quieter and to be honest im not a fan of the vocals, but at least you were original. Best of luck Here's mine I would appreciate a like and some feedback https://skiomusic.com/r/Y2b8


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