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Killerhertz is back with some killer fresh breaks that'll rock you "Deep Inside", Electro breakbeats with funky electro bass lines

Killerhertz became obsessed with Music production and quickly became a tricknologist in the late 90's ,He started releasing tracks with his first solo release Life on Tick in early 2010 on UFO Recordings USA ,Which lead to banging out some dirty remixes for artist's (BMV ,Hakan Ludvigson and DJ Structure) Which in turn led to getting signed to UFO Records ,Ocean Drive Records ,Grimey Grooves .Check my free downloads.....Love life live life x Influences... Everything he ever heard whether he liked it or not from every style accross the board ,He grew up listenig to electro1 poppin n locking in his bedroom to wiki wiki rockers revenge and has enjoyed all sorts of music he hates to say he just draws influence from a few genres because good music can come at you from any angle........New tracks coming soon .........Please feel free to leave comments :-)....... Stay tuned Grimey Grooves!!

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Released by: Grimey Grooves Release date: 25 February 2013