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Posted 2 months ago
Owned by TH3RD BRAIN Records

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Made Up Language 21 days ago

I love how you made it minor. These vocals sound so good over more melancholic chord progressions. We did a similar thing in our remix. Great cinematic vibes on this track man, one of my favorites for sure!

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James Desmond 2 months ago

what an AWESOME REMIX!! It will be perfect if you sidechain that kick more !, also check my remix "Hurt Somebody" and like back my remix, Thanks :)

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Kianoosh Pn 1 month ago

tnx man

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goat named BRAP 2 months ago

That drop is so crazy. I love all the space, Future Bass FOR SURE! Great job! Check out my remix as well, feedback would be awesome :)

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Kianoosh Pn 2 months ago

tax man<3 ofc

Thutmose - Run Wild feat. NoMBe

by TH3RD BRAIN Records

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