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About this Song

Check Out Video Version here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFedHaZhqh_
Remix Track - KHKS
Guitar - Rudraksh

Backstory -
One fine day, while I (khks) was busy on Instagram, I received a text from Rudraksh:

Rudraksh : blah blah blah
KHKS: blah blah blah
Rudraksh : Let's Make Something
KHKS: SKIOMusic has this great song from Naked and Famous. I kindof had a theme in mind.
Rudraksh : Let's do it!
KHKS: OK duh!

(few days later)
This is where you guys listen to the remix...

Will be posting it on IGTV and Youtube too..
I know it's not winning entry but we had our fun.


Posted 5 months ago
Owned by The Naked And Famous


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khks 5 months ago

Check Video Version here : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CFedHaZhqh_

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Dhriti 5 months ago


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priyanjana 5 months ago



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