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Loved remixing this incredible track! I was too hooked on the general sound Whatever We Are pulled off, so I tried to stay true to their sound. I sped up the track to give it that bit of energy I felt was needed for a remix, added that catchy lead with a variation of the vocal melody, added my own bit of bass and obviously some congas, and a few other things! Overall I'd say this didn't venture far enough away from Pop to deem it Electro- or EDM-Pop. Once again, so many thanks to WHATEVER WE ARE for giving us the chance to remix such a great record - I had a blast.

Posted 8 months ago


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Advikk 7 months ago

I enjoyed it deserves a like and share:) Btw i tried something else this time in remix i tried to mix completely different genres in one remix(CHILL AND HARDSTYLE) tell me how it sounds i hope you love something different DONT MISS THE 2ND DROP!!!!plz leave ur feedback it means alot :) https://skiomusic.com/advikk/whatever-we-are-limbo-advikk-remix

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Max Madd 7 months ago

Hey Piers, I just liked your entry ! Make sure to follow my Instagram 📲 and Soundcloud 📡: @maxmaddmusic Good luck in the contest ! 📀


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