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I had a blast remixing this, especially trying to capture the vibe of these powerful vocals from Josie Dunne. Big shout-out to both Matoma and Big Beat Records for setting this contest up - it's great to get a glimpse inside the mind of really talented producers, and getting these stems was just that. And now I'm looking forward to hearing some other producer's submissions!

Regarding my track:
- The bass reminded me of slapping the end of PVC pipe, and was lovingly referred to as the PVC bass for the entirety of production
- Sketched a few parts out with piano and decided they had to stay - sometimes you can't beat the classics
- Matoma had some water drops sitting way back in the production, which I loved. Decided to give it a nod by featuring them in both the intro and outro
- EDM Pop - I guess?

Posted 1 year ago
Owned by Big Beat Records


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ARAN TENTE 1 year ago

You got my vote! All the best in the contest! Please, listen to my version below and feel free to comment or vote if you really enjoy. Your support will be much appreciated! Thanks for your time:) https://skiomusic.com/r/pMp

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UndRWaterTApe 1 year ago

Magnificent one!! Im really diggin your soundscape and feel!

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4TW8 1 year ago

Killin it!

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Tc-5 1 year ago

Holy shit! Sick remix man, left a like for sure! Would be sick if you checked out my funny remix too haha: https://skiomusic.com/r/9R6


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