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Columbus, United States


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is a 20 yr old Music Producer/Artist From Columbus Ohio 
A Young Man Pursuing a Dream and inspiring other on the way 
A child prodigy from the age of 8 young toni began to grow a passion for music. At a young age he joined the Choir and Ms. Kahl Saw potential in this boy, so she placed him in solo's for him to sing in front of Hundreds. At the age of 13, He had won more then 3 state Solo Contest ,and continued to pursue what he really wanted to do, which was; Poetry and Hip Hop,Jazz and Rock & roll. At the age of 10 He had already began to right his own music and continued to throughout his High School Career. Now looking to continue his education Keytoni Adoh is by far a "BIG" Artist you keep a look out for; Please show some love and follow my page,Thank you.

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