I'm a local Sound-Engineer/Producer/Manager/Artist from the South. Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas.


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KeyloWick’s first face to face encounter with the urban music lifestyle, took place in Galveston County Jail, pod G300, cell 6, in the month of May on the 16th day. This pod was nicknamed "The Gladiator Pod", due to the level of criminality quarantined away from the rest of the jail population. These offenders were indicted on more severe and/or aggravated cases, needing ulterior forms of supervision. Serving time on a 4 felonies and 3 misdemeanors in 2 different counties, this is where (than Kyle J. Wickenhofer) had been placed for housing. The nightly ritual of "Cell 6", consisted of his cell mates producing beats using only pens and the metal bottoms racks. This was his life in the late mid of May 2007, while waiting to go to court on his first charge, of felony graffiti. The first time he ever attempted to freestyle himself was in 2008 while working offshore. He had been playing around with his first ever "owned" lap top, while working offshore, in the Gulf of Mexico on a salvage barge called Crossmar7 or XMar7. While playing with his laptop, he realized there was a webcam built in to the computer. Having 12 hours of nothing better to do, he decided to record something. Not wanting to waste time with pointless recordings, he had ironically remembered there were instrumentals downloaded to his computer for no reason whatsoever. (Of course, he had speakers also.) Deciding to go with it, the result was miraculous! And so began the musical career of KeyloWick. Keylow attained his stage name from a co-worker offshore, nicknamed "The Legend". "The Legend" was known to say, when returning back to work, "You look like you snorted a kilo of cocaine," causing his significant weight loss within the 14 days off. Even thru the falsity of the statement, the name stuck, and he was forever known as Kilo by his peers, even some family. Wick came from his family nickname e.g. Wick, Wicky, Lil Wick, Free Big Wick. KeyloWick worked through the system of offshore catering, from 2008-2012, with minor jobs in between, usually in the food industry. In May of 2012, Keylow became a father-to-be. With the spread of this information, Keylow was offered a job at a local Sheet Metal shop, as a fabricator. Due to inconclusive results [RACISM!!], Keylow was "asked" to leave on April 15, 2013. On Aprils 30, 2013 a dear family friend offered him a job working in a warehouse as the Shipping and Receiving Manager. In February of 2014, the stress levels became too much [RACISM!!!] Keylow was once again, forced to move forward in his life. Looking to settle, he turned his eyes to the skies, and began to dream once more. Music was his pursuit. Success his reward. Keylow was born, in Baton Rouge Louisiana April 17, 1990, moved to Houston in 1995 and has been representing the H to the fullest ever since. TRDe


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Still working on updating and maintaining this channel. I've been slacking on videos. Got a couple good ones on their if you're willing to look.

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I'm a local Sound-Engineer/Producer/Manager/Artist from the South. Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas.