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Ken McCain

Merrillville, United States


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Im currently 18 years old and im in love with music. Sometimes i don't even get out of bed because i need to hear like 15 songs just to get the day started but when i first started out making music i wanted to rap so bad. At first i just liked how rappers would rhyme words and thats it. so thats what i started doing. my music sucked so bad. then a couple months later i noticed that its more to rap than just rhyming words and that was when things got real creative. so one time i went to my friend studio and he let me record but he charged me and i felt so bad deep inside. it didn't feel right that i had to pay to you use my talents. so i looked at his setup and for one Christmas i asked for avid pro tools for i can record at home like him. I got the studio equipment and everything i needed and i started learning how to engineer and produce songs. so from that point when i learned how to engineer and produce i also got other rappers from my school to come record songs of their own and of course i let them record for free. I love music. My love for music cant be described with words. Its a Godly feeling.

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